Hi I'm Sarah, I also answer to Sar, Smalls (I'm 4'11"), and any other nick names you may have for me, but just don't call me late for dinner!

I spend most mornings, very early mornings, training in powerlifting at the gym and I do compete in powerlifting as well so I would say I'm pretty serious about it. When I'm not at the gym or the salon I can be found at a concert with my boyfriend Alex seeing indie bands at cool little dive bars! I can't forget to mention my westie bestie, Sookie. She's my 11 year old fur baby who has never had a bad day in her life (she's a very spoiled dog).

Hair was not my first love, I’ve always been creative but not always with hair. My first career I was as a graphic designer and I found out that I wasn't one that liked being chained to my desk. I was constantly in trouble for chatting too much...I may or may not have been cruising around to peoples desks talking! After graphic design I thought maybe I would  be a nurse since my mom is a nurse, one year of that in university and no thanks, too gross for me..it is a fine career for someone with a stronger stomach though!

Finally I changed programs and did a degree in Fine Arts and Art History, I loved it! But what do you do with a fine arts degree and a social being? Become a hair stylist! Creativity and human connection, go together very well!



Come hang out!

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