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Starting at $75+

A haircut modern cut that is made for you and your lifestyle.  Includes a relaxing shampoo infused with positive energy and a how to style your hair at home lesson.  That way when you style your hair at home the next day there is no stress!


Starting at $135+

The three T’s are perfect to enhance your colour between appointments. Includes a glossing treatment to refine any unwanted tones that may have appeared after 4-6 weeks, a trim to reshape your style, and a treatment to strengthen and condition your hair.


Starting at $165+

Pick this service if you're looking to maintain your current base colour, cover the greys, or add just a little extra pop of brightness to frame your face,  Includes the three T’s (toner, treatment, trim) to complete your service and make you feel like a million bucks again.


Starting at $245+

When you want to level up but not too much!
Includes highlights around the hairline, part, and crown and the three T’s (toner, treatment, trim) to complete your service for that I'm a bad ass vibe!

| FULL |

Starting at $300+

 This extensive service includes highlights or balayage throughout your whole head and the three T’s (Treat, Tone, Trim) for the perfect dimensional colour!


Starting at  $75 per hour +

This is the service you would pick if you are looking for a dramatic change like going brunette to blonde, a double+ process like a cool fashion colour, or you did an oops! and now need a corrective colour and need a fix!

***All prices are subject to change. Any colour used outside of the allotted amount will be added to the total cost as needed